Monday, April 25, 2011

Seeing the World in an Entirely New Way

I just purchased a new camera several weeks ago -- one that I've wanted for a few years now.  I'm calling it my 'big girl' camera!  Photography is a hobby of mine - I love to play around with it, but have never taken a class (although I've wanted to for many years, I never make the time).  I enjoy hiking and traveling, so most of my photos come from those trips and escapades.  I'm extremely drawn to the textures and 'architecture' of natural elements, and primarily work in black and white.  I'm going nuts, however, because the weather, and our busy schedule, has not been conducive to playing around with my new camera!  So, I've been stuck indoors with my kitty, Chaucer, as my guinea-pig (she only minds when I use the flash).  However, there are only so many photos one can have of her pet!  I swear I'm not (that much of) a cat-lady!

The weather decided to turn itself over to spring yesterday, so I'm excited to get out there!  If only I had done a little better research -- the stock lense that came with the camera is not the lense I need to do what I want to do with my photography.  I knew that camera equipment was expensive, but had no idea that I would be in want of a lense...that costs more than the camera itself!  For now, I will just have to satisfy myself with learning everything my camera can do, and being 'creative' in testing my current lense to it's limits.  *sigh*  I just can't justify buying that lense right now.  I feel like a little kid saving his/her allowance in anticipation of the 'toy' s/he has been wanting for ages!      

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