Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I've been remiss with my blogging, but for good reason!  Things are happening rather quickly for Sean and myself - he's checking out an opportunity in Philly this week, then I'm in Philly next week regarding an opportunity for myself!  If all goes well, we should be moving sometime in the next couple of months, and that I am definitely excited for!  No more cramped attic apartment dwelling for us.  Sean will be finally be reunited with his two storage units of possessions (basically the contents of a 3 bedroom house and an insanely large vinyl collection), and we will be able to use all of the wedding gifts we received, in addition to those household items we've been itching to purchase.  Simply put, I can not wait for the time when a simple shopping trip doesn't clutter our entire living space!

As much as I've enjoyed living in Maryland these last 5 years, I've wanted to move back to Pennsylvania for some time (not necessarily the Philadelphia area, but hey, that works too!).  Not only is the real estate market less inflated, but the education system is a great deal better -- something very important to factor, as Sean and I would like to start a family in the near future.  In the past, I would have asked people to wish us good luck, but I now realize that luck has nothing to do with it.  If this is the right path for us, then it will be (not without some hard work on our parts, of course).  I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks...

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