Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I've Moved...

You can now find me blogging about typical, semi-crunchy mom things over at: TheMedianMommy.com

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Monday, February 4, 2013

8 Reasons Why I LOVE Cloth Diapering!

We cloth diaper our son, Declan, and I have become somewhat of an advocate for cloth.  We prefer cloth diapering the old-fashioned way, using prefolds and covers, but have a bunch of pocket diapers in our stash (I think we’ll be using the pockets closer to potty training time).  Since cloth diapering has seen a bit of a revival in recent years, I’ve decided to share some of the reasons why I love cloth diapering (and hope to convert some nonbelievers):

If you’ve ever had the desire to become ‘crunchy’, or even just a tad ‘granola’, cloth diapering is a great way to start.  Not only will you sleep better at night, knowing that you’re not contributing to the massive amount of disposable diaper waste in landfills, but you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint (thereby earning the right to call yourself a little bit ‘crunchy’).

2. Healthier for Baby’s Sensitive Skin
Disposable diapers contain chemicals that are, in my opinion, not healthy for sensitive baby skin.  I use natural fibers, so there is no chance for bleach or other stripping agents to be in the diapers and irritating D’s skin.

3. No Smell
Honestly.  Disposable diapers have a yeasty urine smell to them when dirty – yuck!  Cloth diapers smell like buttered popcorn when wet.  No really, they do!  I recently visited my best friend out-of-town and she and her kiddos did the smell test --- buttered popcorn!

4. Fewer Blowouts
I can count on one hand how many explosive breast milk poo blowouts we had in those early days, each attributed to the position Declan happened to be in at the time.  Other than that, cloth diapers, and diaper covers, do an AMAZING job at containing those messy poos!  Speaking of which:
4a. Cloth Wipes
            One wipe can clean up even the messiest of poos!  For the wannabe ‘crunchies’, cloth wipes reduce your carbon footprint even further.  Also, repeat number 2 – no chemicals going onto baby’s sensitive skin.  (Early on I used a homemade wipe solution, but now just use water)

5. Little to No Diaper Rash
Yup.  I don’t know why it is, but since 3-4 weeks old, Declan has not had a trace of diaper rash. 

 6. It’s Inexpensive
After your initial investment, you’re done.  No more spending money on something that you’re throwing away.  No more last minute store runs because you’re out of diapers.  We’ve spent under $400, and we have everything we need to diaper Declan until he potty trains.  AND, the diapers we have now will diaper any other children we might have.  Too good to be true, right?  Nope!

7. Cute Designs
Nasty rubber pants are a thing of the past.  Nowadays, there are a TON of cute and funky prints to choose from.  I recently came across this super cute “Hungry Caterpillar” one:  http://hyenacart.com/Greenbumkin/mt/2940/27278/Hungry-Caterpillar-Scrappy-AI2-All-in-Two-Cloth-Diaper-

8. Fosters Creativity/ Ingenuity
I was running errands early on (when I was changing diapers every hour) and was out longer than expected.  We arrived at my husband’s office for a visit and had no more clean diapers!  This could have been a catastrophe if I didn’t cloth diaper, but I was able to fold a receiving blanket into a makeshift diaper and secure it in his diaper cover – crisis averted!

It’s interesting to reflect upon how the decision to cloth diaper has affected my philosophy of childcare.  I breast feed Declan and was a baby-wearer early on (he’s a little big to do it now).  I make all of his food so that I know exactly what’s going into his body.  This, in turn, has caused my husband and me to eat even healthier (no packaged food!).  I try to use only natural and organic products for him (i.e. he’s currently fighting a cold, and we’re using a vapor rub made of organic essential oils).  The best part?  By cloth diapering I am a member of a community of like-minded individuals that provides a great deal of resources regarding child-rearing.  If you don’t cloth diaper, then I hope that I’ve at least encouraged you to consider it!  

I've recently moved.  You can now find me blogging about typical, semi-crunchy mom things at: TheMedianMommy.com.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been...

...and continues to be.  I can't believe it's been 6 months already!  During my pregnancy, I smiled and nodded politely when older people told me that they enjoyed being grandparents, more than being parents, because they got to enjoy it more.  I get it now!  The past 6 months are an absolute blur!  I've been blessed with a child that doesn't sleep a lot, so I've not spent much time in REM sleep in 6 months - my memory is atrocious and I bring a whole new level of meaning to the terms 'dazed' and 'ditzy'.  But you know what?  I wouldn't trade it for anything!
Some reflections, musings...and things I've learned since becoming a mom:

  • Being up every 1-3 hours a night for 6 months turns a person into a zombie and can result in killing phones, unintentional injuries, perpetually losing items, (extremely) short term memory loss, a short temper and a myriad of other things that, frankly, I can't think of right now.  (i.e. I left my keys hanging in the front door for half a day just a couple of days ago -- only realized it when I opened the door to check the mail. *sigh*)
  • Just when I think I've gotten his routine down, Declan changes it.
  • Just when I think my boobs can't possibly get any bigger, they do.
  • a.) Declan will find a way to shoot pee on me, even fully diapered, and b.) there is such a thing as projectile poo and it will happen, unexpectedly, in the dark, at 2am.
  • I will make list after list after list...and forget to bring them when I go shopping.  I will eventually not have the ability to organize my thoughts enough to create a list (I'm there now).
  • I spent an inordinate amount of time, those first few months, getting acquainted with the backseat of my car in random parking lots, as I couldn't run an errand without D wanting to nurse!  That creepy lady hanging out in the backseat of her car?  Totally me ;)
  • I will, after spending an hour grocery shopping, be in line with a full cart...and a baby in a sling screaming while trying to gnaw a hole through my shirt.  I never knew what anxiety felt like until that moment.
  • I will deal with a collicky baby for weeks...until I realize that all of the dairy, soy, wheat and caffeine I'm consuming are the culprits (but the fully caffeinated coffee tasted SO good!).  *sheepish grin*
  • Having no idea what you're doing as a new parent is perfectly acceptable.  I will 'wing it' until I 'get it' (if I ever do).  Thank goodness for Google.
  • I try to be grateful for every moment I get to spend with D, especially those difficult moments.  We're lucky to have such a cool (and weird, in a cool way) little guy! 
    • I can't wait to see what the next 6 months will bring!   
  • I look forward to growing our family more!