Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Joys of Moving

From the time we found out that Sean was taking this new position, just one month ago, things have been an absolute whirlwind.  Scouting areas equidistant between Sean's workplace and the city, touring potential properties (or in our case, doing drive-bys after we toured, and loved, the house into which we are now moving), tying up loose ends at both of our respective workplaces, and for me, continuing to forge the path of self discovery and growth I began last fall.  Needless to say, I awake each morning remembering my crazy dreams in vivid detail! 

With just a little over a week left in Maryland, our pace has picked up considerably.  I can't imagine undertaking this move without my husband (and, of course I wouldn't be because we're moving for his job)!  I've been using Craigslist non-stop, getting rid of large items we have, and it takes time to respond and schedule times to meet people between my busy evening meeting schedule.  There is insurance to be taken care of (I've FINALLY scheduled my engagement ring on this new policy - shame on me for waiting so long), utilities to be set up, logistical planning for the new place (now that we're moving from a one bedroom apartment to a four bedroom house), working with our new landlord (who is a busy teacher with 4 children all playing sports right now), new draperies to be purchased (for the bazillion windows in the new place), no-damage nails to be sought out for hanging artwork, not to mention the organization involved in my new foray into extreme-couponing (had to throw that in for a laugh).  That doesn't even begin to cover all of the items Sean is taking care of on his end, as he works with his company for our relocation.  Today was the walk-through with our moving company - did I mention we have Sean's 3-bedroom house contained in two storage addition to our apartment?! 

All of this is to say that I am ready as I'll ever be for this move!  I'm truly excited to embark upon this next chapter with my husband, building a home together and starting a new life together in an entirely different place (I'm totally going to be nesting over the next month!).  I believe that everything happens for a reason, that there is a higher power out there looking over Sean and myself; a higher power that will guide us through these next few hectic weeks, and one that will look over us as we journey into this next chapter together...


  1. I could not be more happier for you two. I love you both. Good Luck with the move and remember to lift with your legs. LOL.


  2. You deserve all the happiness in the world. I'm glad things are looking up for you. Please keep us posted and let me know where your new place is, maybe we'll be able to swing by sometime when we're visiting Mike's grandma's and the rest of the family. Let's talk once you're moved in. There's so much we need to catch up on. Sending lots of love to both of you!