Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Dining Experience of a Lifetime: Espuma Restaurant in Zihuatenejo, Mexico

Where do I even begin?  For the last night of our honeymoon, Sean and I chose to eat at a restaurant, outside of the resort in which we were staying, and we chose Espuma.  Wow!  I had read about Espuma in a magazine provided in our room, but had NO idea what we were about to walk into.

We walked a short distance from our villa to the restaurant, which was pretty on the outside - nothing much to look at.  But, when we stepped through the doorway, we were immediately transported to another world!  Architecturally speaking, the restaurant is a work of art in itself (that's apart from the food!).  We were escorted to our table, which literally sat on the edge of a cliff overlooking the bay.  The way the table was situated, it created the illusion that the cliff dropped off just past the edge of the table.

Upon further inspection, we found that we were surrounded by art.  Fountains ran throughout the restaurant, and even in the trough, just past the edge of our table where the cliff began.  From the neutral tones to the modern decor, every single detail was intricately planned.  We looked up to find a projection of moving art high on the main wall above the lounge area.  The film was shot in sepia tones, and included people around the world (a man diving underwater and swimming with manatees, a woman in India frollicking with elephants, etc.).  Beautiful New Age music was synched with the film as it played.  Both Sean and I agreed that at that moment, we felt more relaxed than when we got a couple's massage on the beach a few days earlier!

Back to our table.  As the above photo shows, our table was cut from quartz (we think) and lighted from below.  This was the only light provided...and it worked!  The menu was a 5-course tasting menu, each ingredient so well thought out as to create both a harmony and balance of flavors in every dish.  This was, for me, the most incredible dining experience I've ever encountered.  With each course, our waiter would shine a flashlight onto our plate to describe the dish and then poof!  we were left to eat in the dark.  This only served to heighten the experience and ensure that EVERY one of our 5 senses was tuned-in to the experience.  All I can say is wow!  My resident foodie, Sean, ranked this in his top 5 dining experiences (which is saying a lot).  At the end of the day, this non-foodie was unbelievably proud to have picked the restaurant...!

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